Lab Posts

Nikon D7000

Today was our first lab, and I have already learned a lot. I checked out a fancy camera this morning from RJI Library, and our assignment after class was to “play around with it.” I love this course! I found out that I am not very good at photography, but hopefully I will get better with practice.

We learned several terms and techniques today in our primer with the Nikon D7000. I learned about aperture and shutter speed, and how NOT TO USE AUTO. Professor Rice explained the difference between shots that use different qualities (lower shutter speed, blurrier shot) and how to change those settings on the camera to get the picture we want.

After class, I took several pictures as I walked to the dorm. Apparently, I left the white balance too high for outdoor shooting, and all of my pictures are way too bright. At least now I get to learn from that mistake. I think my favorite picture I took was of the flowers by the Rec. I (think I) used a smaller lens and slower shutter to focus on the flower itself and let the background blur. I know I am getting a kind of crash course with this camera, but I like it so far. I hope I can retain enough information to build on these skills for years to come. Tomorrow, we start the “Seeing Red” assignment!


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