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Blogging effectively

I enjoyed today’s lecture, given by Amy Simons. She is a professor in the convergence sequence, and she talked about what makes a blog ‘good’ and what could make it better. She showed several blogs and encouraged us to point out elements that would improve the reader’s experience. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding a video (maybe a movie trailer) or posting more often. Professor Simons said that blogging frequently on a regular basis allows you to become a fixture in your readers’ lives, using her own experience of losing interest in “Gossip Girl” after the Writers’ Strike as an example.

She also recommended writing a niche blog, saying it’s easier to write about what you love. She asked us to find one thing we’re really passionate about and just write about it. Thinking about it, I would probably just write television recaps. That way, I can put the time I waste watching tv to good use! Good plan, right? Actually, that would be really fun.

Anyway, another big part of blogging is interacting with the readers. Professor Simons said to encourage readers to comment and promote dialogue. However, she also said to moderate all comments, not for the sake of censorship but to keep a friendly, safe environment for your regular readers.

Professor Rice spent the last part of class talking about ethics in photojournalism, showing well-known examples of photographer tomfoolery with Photoshop. My favorite will always be the Martha Stewart Newsweek cover, just because they could have avoided it by changing the headline. The National Press Photographers Association addresses that particular scandal here: Martha Stewart Cover.

For those who may be wondering from my last post, I did find a story for my first big project. I don’t want to spoil it, yet, but once I have some hard material, I promise to share it here! Speaking of sharing, I turned in my final “Seeing Red” photos. Here they are!


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