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A big part of blogging for this class is finding articles relevant to our weekly lecture. Since we talked about techniques for effective blogging, I wanted to see what a successful blog is and how it can benefit the author. What I found was a great New York Times article about self-published blogs that have gained a large audience and how they got there. The article can be found by clicking this link: “For Some, Blogs Also Pay the Bills”.

Going back to some tips we learned, one was having a defined purpose for your blog. Sometimes readers will flock to that purpose because of sentimental value or the emotions it plays on. Last August, the Today Show showed an example of such a blog when it played a segment about Walter, an abused pit bull that was “saved” by revenue from a blog. The video can be found by clicking this link: “Help Save Walter”.

A blog can be a powerful tool; all it takes is topic you are passionate about and finding others that want to read about it.


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