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Three photos

Our assignment for the last week was to start reporting our stories, focusing on taking photos. For “3 Photos,” we needed to take a detail shot, a ‘scene-setter’ and a portrait. A detail shot is a tight close-up, trying to focus on something most people would overlook. The ‘scene-setter’ is exactly what it sounds like, trying to show where the action takes place. The portrait for this assignment is meant to be very tight, with the subject’s head and shoulders taking up most of the frame.

I would love to show you my final pictures, but I do not have permission from my subjects to publish. Unfortunately, this means I cannot make these photos available to you.

Since I’m covering the Columbia Entertainment Company’s production of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” I’ve been taking pictures at rehearsals and a set-build day. I’ve spent hours in the theater with the cast and directors, and I have almost 400 pictures from this time. The hardest part of this assignment was not figuring out what pictures to take, but picking ONLY 3 from all the photos I already have. The good news is, I get to use about 30 more when it comes time for our audio slideshow…

…which we were assigned to start working on today!! There are a few aspects to this assignment, including ambient sound and interviews. I am really excited to start working on it, and I hope it turns out well!

For those who may be wondering why I didn’t post about lecture yesterday, we didn’t have lecture! I hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend! Always remember the men and women that should be honored, not just on Memorial Day, but every day. I have a special shout-out to my uncle Neal! We love you so much!


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