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Playing with SoundSlides

In case you haven’t noticed, J2150 is a great class where we get to play with really cool software. All the equipment and techniques we are learning to use are like toys for me. Today, we got a new one: SoundSlides. It’s a program for making audio slideshows, and today we practiced editing photos of Marching Mizzou to match an audio clip of them playing “Kung Fu Fighting.” It was awesome!!

For those who may be interested in this program, it’s super easy to download and learn the basics. It’s only my first day with it, so I’m sure there’s a lot of really cool stuff I don’t even know about yet. Either way, it’s fun to play with! Just google “SoundSlides Plus,” click the first link and click the “Download” button that fits your operating system. Rather than buy it, you can just use the demo version by clicking “Later” on the registration page. Click “New Project,” title your project and you’re good to go!!

You start by importing the audio and photos you want to use. You can always add images or change your audio while working on your project, but be aware that it can mess up your timing!! You arrange your photos in the order you want, and you can change their duration by clicking the space between photos and dragging it to make the photo shorter (for less time) or longer (for more time). Professor Rice said that when working with music, you can make your slideshow stronger by transitioning on the beat.

You can also add captions or titles using the options above the photos. Don’t get too crazy with the “Motion” option, though. Too much motion in your slideshow can be distracting and nauseating. Use it sparingly; that makes its effect stronger when you do use it.

It would appear that I am unable to upload my finished slideshow here. According to the SoundSlides manual, it could be because my blog is not privately hosted. Sorry, folks! I’ll try again next week.



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