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Final Cut Express

One thing I had to accept about taking this course over the summer semester was the fact that we would be learning all the content in a shorter time. Today, that fact hit me again when I realized we’re playing with the Final Cut Express software for two days in class before we’re expected to turn in a final project. I have never used FCE before, so I was pretty nervous to begin with, but the software looks even more intimidating with several components and lots of buttons. Today, we learned the basics, so I can now add clips, connect them together, give it a title and call it a video.

If I thought FCE was scary, though, I clearly was not thinking about the camera. (I think) we’re using a Canon Vixio video camera, and this thing is so fancy, it uses a touch screen! I won’t lie, I miss using the J2100 cameras. They were bigger, older and easy to use. I love that I knew what to do. With these cameras, I don’t know what I’m doing. I could barely figure out the tripod! Here’s hoping I can make a good video!!


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