My time with CEC

This multimedia project has led to me spending three-and-a-half weeks with an extraordinary group of people. I am very grateful to the Columbia Entertainment Company, which opened its doors to allow this pesky, over-zealous journalism student into the heart of its theater to chronicle its production of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” As of Saturday night, though, my coverage of CEC ended. Once I turn in my final video interview on Tuesday, I’ll have to devote my time and resources to another story. Covering “Spelling Bee” was so much fun, though, that I’m sad to leave it.

Thankfully, I have more than enough material to prove this wonderful production actually existed. Though I have not been able to post all the pictures on the CEC page of this blog, I will be posting links to the albums on Facebook. This last month has been a great time, and I’m glad I will always have these memories. Best of luck for the “Bee”‘s remaining performances, and thanks again to CEC for allowing me to be that annoying girl with a camera!

There are several people missing from this photo that I would love to include in my thanks: Monica, you were so kind and understanding and let me wander around freely; Paul, you were always fun to talk to during down times before performances; Robin, you were always so nice when I would try to make small talk, lifting any awkwardness I may have felt; and Robin and Pierce (sorry for any incorrect spellings), thanks for making me feel so welcome in the light booth! Thank you all for your help and cooperation!!


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