About Morgan

I miss writing…

It’s hard to believe I’ve gone almost a week without writing a post. I decided that I want to continue blogging, even if I have completed J2150. Maybe I’ll start writing about Spanish 2100, which I’m still taking, or about the tv shows I watch. Who knows? All I know is that I want to keep writing.

That said, I hope everyone had fun on Independence Day!! I spent the day with some awesome friends, the only downside being the sunburn on my shoulders.

For the night’s festivities, I went to Memorial Stadium to watch fireworks. The event, called “Fire in the Sky,” was hosted by the city of Columbia and featured the Record Collector, a local band.

The fireworks started after dark, about 9:15. I would love to share a video I shot, but WordPress only allows me so many features for free. Anyway, I thoroughly recommend “Fire in the Sky” next year for anyone looking for a fun, free event.

Tomorrow, I have to prove my knowledge of the Spanish language. A partner and I are going to converse with our professor for a minimum of three minutes each. Nosotras estamos practicando nuestro vocabulario para las carreras. ¡Adios!



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