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Another first down!

Today, I finally got my ears pierced. This is the first (and hopefully final) piercing for me. A couple of friends finally convinced me to go with them to Claire’s and just do it. Of course, we actually ended up at Icing (the line was too long), and I required hand-holding when the woman pulled out the gun. However, I made it through, and now it is exponentially easier for my parents to buy me gifts.

It may surprise some people that I did not have pierced ears until I was 19. Most girls get it done as babies or when they’re really young. My parents told me I could get my ears pierced when I turned 13, and my mom was really excited. When that birthday rolled around, though, I decided I didn’t want to do it. I was already playing sports year-round and didn’t want to mess with taping my ears.

Now that I don’t play sports, I felt it’s high time I make my ears pretty. So I did!!

Photo Credit: Bridget Murphy For the record, Bridget takes amazing photos. Don’t believe me? http://beemurphy.wordpress.com/


One thought on “Another first down!

  1. I’m so proud of you. What kind of earrings did you get? Take care of them so they don’t get infected. LOVE, Aunt Mona

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