About Morgan

The almighty schedule

I have always had a Type-A personality, and micromanaging will probably always be a problem for me. However, I believe I have met my match. As a peer advisor for Residential Life, I’m expected to attend many events, more events than I have time for. To solve this quandary, I have to schedule every minute of my day, micromanaging to the extreme.

It wouldn’t be a stressful situation if I had set schedules I just had to compile on a calendar. However, all of the schedules available to me are subject to change or haven’t been created yet. In fact, I’m supposed to create events that fit into all these schedules. How am I supposed to manage all that.

My answer: many calendars!! I use iCal on my phone, laptop and iPad, and I also use my Tiger Guide like crazy. This will most likely be a stressful semester, but hopefully with a lot of organization and planning ahead, it will also be a lot of fun!!


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