About Morgan


In case you haven’t noticed, social media has taken over my life. I check Facebook and Twitter constantly, blog about my life and share far too much information, more than most people would want to read (again, thanks, Mom and Dad for reading). A disturbing side effect of my social media addiction, though, is that I’ve developed a habit of live-tweeting certain events.

Live-tweeting, as I see it, is constantly tweeting updates about events as they happen. I live-tweet awards shows (ok, just the Tonys, but just wait…), hanging out with friends (the best quotes always end up on Twitter) or just movies that I happen to be watching. This happened just last night, as I was watching “The Pagemaster.” It’s slightly embarrassing how often I tweeted Macaulay Culkin’s name last night, especially since I just now bothered to check that I was spelling it correctly. Luckily, I’ve already established I share far too much information on this blog. Anyway, I sincerely apologize to anyone whose feed was clogged by my animated-movie-joy.


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