About Morgan


In little more than thirteen hours, I will be teaching my first class. Technically, I’ve been preparing for this since April. That doesn’t mean I’m ready. Yikes!!

It’s not like this is my first time speaking in public or leading a discussion. I shouldn’t be worried. I should feel confident in my abilities to impart information to (upon?) my students. So why am I so…uneasy?

Maybe it’s because I designed this class myself. Yes, FIG policy and my wonderful co-facilitators have guided me along the way, but this class is me. I created the syllabus, the intended environment, the objectives, the assignments, the lesson plans, etc. All my work up to this point means nothing, though, if I can’t deliver it correctly.

My students are great, at least in the halls. They’re enthusiastic and excited to be involved at Mizzou. If there’s anything I love, it’s enthusiasm. Here’s hoping that extends to the classroom!

As worried as I may be, I’m also really excited about tomorrow. I think it can be a great semester, and with any luck, we’ll all have a lot of fun. Wish me luck!!


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