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I have to what?

It appears that I have forgotten something important over this summer. Somehow, I forgot how much reading college professors assign. I did take two classes this summer, and they were both a lot of work. That work wasn’t reading, though, it was actual practice and projects. Now, I’m in four text-heavy courses, and I’m trying to readjust to a reading schedule.

I remember last year, when I took a humanities course both semesters, I had ten books I would have to read. Some would be novels, some would be plays, some would be philosophy. Regardless the topic, I was expected to read them all, as well as two newspapers for another course. I also had sociology readers, compilations of essays and chapters from full studies to explore different concepts. I think my personal favorite was my American government textbook that I ended up reading cover to cover, but probably learned only a few new concepts. Anyway, I clearly used to do a lot of class-related reading. So what makes this year so difficult?

Honestly, it’s probably not that difficult. It is only the second week of school, and I’m most likely overreacting to the sudden influx of actual reading. This summer, I got too used to going to the Columbia Public Library (that’s my poor, neglected library card below) and reading whatever caught my fancy. Now, I’m stuck reading what “they” tell me to read, which gives me unfortunate flashbacks to grade school.

As much as I love to read, when I was younger, I hated every book I was assigned. Fifth grade was particularly bad, as that was the unfortunate year when I was forced to read “Sarah Bishop” and “Tuck Everlasting.” I apologize if you like/love those books, I just did not enjoy them. It’s very possible that I just don’t like being told what to do and what to read, and sometimes, I know I’ve just built a bias against assigned reading. Other times, I genuinely hate the book in question. Every time I hear someone talk about or reference “Lord of the Flies,” I shudder with memories of hatred. I should probably reread it, just to reassure myself that I really do hate it due to preference, not to forced reading.

The good thing about this semester is that, even though I’m forced to read these books, some of them look really interesting. My sociology professor has assigned a lot of cool titles that sound like they’re going to be amazing. Who wouldn’t want to read “Wannabes, Goths, and Christians” by Amy C. Wilkins? I know I want to!

These are just a few of my study materials for this semester. See that giant of an economics book? Yeah, my syllabus says I’ll end up reading the whole thing. Yay… It could be worse, I suppose. I’m at least enjoying my economics class. The book isn’t as bad as it sounds, either. It’s just dense, really dense.

Clearly, I need to get back in the habit of academic reading. I’m not worried, I just wish I had more time to read outside of classwork. I can only hope that (some of) my textbooks are as exciting as I think they are! The other option is to give up on sleep so I can get my fun reading fix, and that sounds like a really bad idea… Worth it?


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