About Morgan

Good morning!!

Sometimes, I find myself zoning out, staring into the distance. When I snap out of it, it’s like the world is saying, “Wake up, Morgan!” This blog gave me a similar wake-up call the other day, when I realized that I hadn’t written a new post since my dad’s birthday.

Since then, the Tigers have played their first football game of the season, and I had my own birthday. Tigers won, I turned 20. I’m still not sure about that second one…

I never expected to wake up on my birthday and suddenly look a year older. I never expected to feel differently because of a birthday. Now, I’m not a teenager anymore? When did that happen?!

As a society, we define a teenager as someone aged 13-19 years old. I’m 20. 2-0. No “teen” there. Six years of self-definition, just…gone. I can’t explain away silly mistakes as a part of teenage awkwardness.

But have I really outgrown that teenage awkwardness? I guess we’ll find out.


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