About Morgan

My mom

If you’ve ever had a conversation with me, then you probably know that my favorite television show is “Gilmore Girls.” It is very much a mother-daughter show in which the two are freakishly linked by personality and interests. There are times my life is reflected too eerily in “Gilmore Girls,” one of the best ways being my relationship with my mother.

Yes, we can get on each other’s nerves and drive the other one crazy. We also love watching old movies together, dancing in the living room and eating pretzels. We’re both very maternal (she has an excuse, though), and she still calls me to make sure I’m awake in time for my classes.

I’m used to having a very open relationship with both of my parents, something that’s difficult to do when living in separate cities on different schedules. This blog has definitely helped, now that my mom can read about my day in more detail than I get into on the phone. It’s still difficult for me to go home and hear stories about new interests in their lives, though. My mom, bless her, loves her scooter, and my neighbors love telling me about seeing her ride it through town. I hate that I have to hear it secondhand, though, as I only get to go home about once a month.

I know I’m lucky. Many of my friends don’t see their parents for months, let alone actually going home. At the same time, I used to spend a lot of time with my parents. At school, most kids didn’t have the opportunity to see their parents every hour like I did. Now, I’m lucky to get a few days.

Why all the love for my mom? It’s her birthday today!! She’s jfnjcxsnjvcxnsjvn years old, and still the beautiful, wonderful, fantastic, generous, loving woman who taught me how to read, gave me an intense love for black-and-white musicals and was probably the source of my award show-red carpet mania. You know what, though? I wouldn’t change a thing about her!! Happy birthday, Mom!! I love you so much!!


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