About Morgan

The art of bulletin boards

My job includes creating and maintaining bulletin board designs meant to inform the students. The biggest problem I have when it comes time to replace bulletin boards is asking myself, “What do the students need to know?”

Sometimes, the answer to this question comes right away. First football game coming up? Hey, let’s do the school songs. Is homework piling up and big exams coming soon? Stress relief sounds like a good idea to share. Sometimes, awareness months, special breaks or holidays make it easy, such as alcohol awareness month (October), spring break safety and a Valentine’s Day board.

When I have four or five boards to change, though, it’s easy to run out of ideas. It’s times like those that I really love the magic of the Internet. There are resident assistant websites all over offering full information for certain boards on so many topics! My personal favorites, I think, are the “No Shave November” boards that all the sites have.

One thing I’ve found always works with bulletin boards is simplicity. If I keep the information basic and the colors coordinated in a non-distracting way, it makes the board look so much better. Pick a topic, and stick with it. My goal for this semester is to get away with putting up a Disney-themed board…I just have to find a way to put relevant information on it. Hmm…


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