About Morgan

To publicize, or not to publicize…

…this shouldn’t be a question.

Seriously, I’m spending all this time writing for the blog, putting my heart, soul and energy into it. Why would I not want to publicize my work and get people to read it? As always, I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m a chicken.

I’ve mentioned getting stage fright in class, not wanting to be wrong (and most likely corrected) in front of everyone. I feel the same way when I hit “Publish” on a post. I remember the days when my parents were the only ones that read this blog; it was easy, because I knew they would love me, no matter how silly I sounded. Now, though, I have no idea who’s reading this.

I assume my readers (that’s you!) are Facebook friends and/or people that follow me on Twitter, because that’s the only way I really publicize this blog. I guess that should make me feel better, knowing that friends are reading and not total strangers. Honestly, though, I’m less scared of what strangers think than my friends. I don’t see the strangers, but I do see my friends.

I don’t publicize all of my posts, though. Some of them are just not worth the trouble. I’m sometimes embarrassed about the stories I post, just because I know they’re really…not…great. Half the time, I just write to write. I can only hope that the more often I write, the better I will get. Maybe.

That said, I’d love to take this time to publicize two other blogs, written by some people near and dear to my heart. For some great photos, I suggest my friend Bridget’s daily photo site “and the world spins madly on”. For great sports and entertainment writing, I suggest “The DagoBlog”. They write about anything and everything, so go check it out if you have the time!


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