About Morgan

Wynton Marsalis

Did anybody else spend years learning how to play a musical instrument just to let it fall by the wayside? I hope not, because then you would probably, one day, experience my pain. Yes, tonight, I attended the “Jazz at Lincoln Center with Wynton Marsalis” concert at Jesse Auditorium. For those who knew me in high school (or even before) will probably say, “Morgan, you didn’t play trumpet, and you didn’t do jazz.” No, no I did not. But I did play bass clarinet, the same instrument that crooned away tonight in one set.

I miss playing so much! The best I get is to play around on my keyboard in my room, which is convenient, but not very good for the music I like to play. I don’t know how I would even go about playing music on a regular basis right now, I barely have time to get out of my hall.

Anyway, tonight’s show was great. I really enjoyed the experience, and I hope my students did, too.


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