TV Time


I won’t lie, I love favoritism…when it’s in my favor. Right now, though, I am being favored against, and I don’t like it. Who is making me feel like I’m lower on the totem pole? The FOX television network is favoring DISH and Hulu+ subscribers over me. For anyone who has tried to watch new shows from FOX’s lineup on Hulu (the plain, old, free version), you know that you can only access the full episode eight days after it originally airs. In other words, the season premiere of “Glee” just showed up on my queue this morning. I AM A WEEK BEHIND ON GLEE!

That is probably an overreaction, but it’s not just “Glee” I’m worried about missing out on. “Terra Nova” just premiered this week, but I won’t get to see the pilot until next Tuesday. “New Girl” and “Raising Hope” are two other shows I now adore, but I cannot watch the newest episodes (although the season premieres are now available). All I see are 90-sec previews and a nice, little notice saying that DISH subscribers have first dibs.

An obvious solution to my silly problem of waiting eight days would be to watch the shows as they air, right? No! I do not have the time to sit down at 7 p.m. Tuesday nights to watch “Glee.” I often have meetings or events that I need to attend at that time. I much prefer the convenience of watching on the Internet, when I can watch it in bursts, when I find the time. Hopefully, this DISH idea will be unpopular and I’ll be able to watch all the shows on Hulu the day after air. Until then, don’t be surprised if I run away with my hands clamped on my ears and singing nonsense if anyone around me is discussing the latest episodes.


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