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It’s beginning…

As much as I adore the new fall season of television prime time shows, the following weeks of joy are marred by the worry that they will soon be canceled. Pilots are often loved, as they set the stage for a potentially great story. The thing about pilots, though, is that they’re often directed/produced by big names (cast, too) that drop out after more episodes are ordered. It’s not necessarily a lack of interest in the project, the fledgling show just may not be able to afford those big names. Second week ratings are huge at the beginning of any new season, and many shows are axed within a month. Alas, we have our first victim…

Last night, NBC’s “The Playboy Club” aired its third and final episode, at least, according to Entertainment Weekly and While I am not surprised by the cut, I do wish the show would have lived on a little longer. It had great potential for the soapy, guilty pleasure that most people need time to warm up to. It also had the opportunity to show a new side of revolution in the 1960s, with characters such as Brenda, who aspires to be the first black woman on the Playboy cover, and Alice, a lesbian whose gay husband helps lead the Chicago chapter of the Mattachine Society that works to end discrimination for the gay and lesbian community. Unfortunately, the show was canceled before getting into both of these stories fully.

I love period dramas, so I may just be sad that I lost another. Anyone else remember “American Dreams”? I loved watching this show, especially with my family. It opened up the door to great history, important stories this generation needs to hear. Yes, “The Playboy Club” may not have been popular with the more conservative audiences out there, and I’m not trying to call it the greatest show ever. But it could have been a great show, if given the chance. Of course, I expect I’ll be saying this about the next shows that will be taken off the schedule (sorry, “Free Agents,” but it doesn’t look good). This is why I hate (but still adore) pilot season. I get too invested into characters and stories that may never have their chance to grow into something amazing. I guess that’s why midseason premieres are so helpful…


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