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Trying something new…

As a constant consumer of television entertainment, I tend to read a lot of recaps. I read Entertainment Weekly far too often, and many other media sites also offer television recaps (Gawker.com and The Huffington Post). Sometimes, though, I don’t agree with the critics, and that’s when I say, “I should write my own review.” To be honest, I think being a critic would be the best job ever for me, except for the fact that I would speak for a minority opinion and no one would like what I wrote. Well, too bad, folks. I’ve decided to start writing reviews.

I’m going to devote my Monday posts to recapping and reviewing “Once Upon a Time,” ABC’s new show that premiered Sunday. Since the show is just starting out, had strong debut ratings, and has already produced at least until episode 8, I feel that “Once…” is a good opportunity for me to write about television. Worse comes to worse, I get to write about an interesting series that just…didn’t hit with the right audience.

Anyway, I seem to be a day late and a dollar short on reviewing Sunday’s pilot. However, I can’t just ignore the pilot. My goal is that, by midnight tonight, I will have posted my recap/review. If not, then I’m off to a bad start. But hey, I am trying something new, and mistakes are common and natural. Right?


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