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Sheer joy

Have you ever noticed how happy you can be, just because you’re wearing a certain article of clothing? I refuse to believe that I’m the only person to experience this phenomenon, because I can’t imagine that I’m the only one to feel utterly uplifted by the sight of my gold sunglasses in the mirror (or, whatever item you choose…on you). If I am the only person that visibly bounces because of what she’s wearing, then the rest of you are missing out, and I suggest you find your happy clothing/accessory immediately.

Today is my perfect storm of happiness when it comes to outfits: my Sheldon shirt, my costume pearls, my comfy black sweater, new jeans, bird socks, and rain boots. What could make me happier? My gold sunglasses, which I had to leave behind today. Darn overcast skies! Normally, this wouldn’t stop me from rocking the sunglasses, but I also got in a fight with my contacts today, and I just can’t handle the double-eyewear look.

Nevertheless (love that word), I do feel joy as I walk around campus (or, more accurately, lounge around campus), mostly due to what I’m wearing. This may make me sound silly, but I see nothing wrong with a little silliness now and then. It’s good for the soul, I think. It makes me smile, anyway, and I’ve yet to regret a smile.

How can you add a smile to your day? Here are my tips for assembling a joyful look:

1. Don’t be afraid to look silly. Nothing makes me happier than pairing a tee-shirt with a sweater and a long strand of (fake) pearls. My mother probably hates that I do this, but I just adore this look. Plus, it keeps me warm. Practical!

2. It’s not always about what other people see. Relax, I’m talking about socks. Sometimes, silly socks just make the outfit, even if they’re hidden inside rain boots. The crazier, the better! Got toe-socks? They’re a great way to remember the grade-school days, when girls would brag about which socks they were wearing that day. I hate wearing shoes, but it’s a lot more fun when I’m wearing cool socks!

3. Comfort, comfort, comfort. Never underestimate the relaxation that can be brought, simply by wearing comfortable clothes. I’ll take jeans and tee-shirt any day over a business-casual outfit. Heels? Don’t even think about it (unless they’re your drop-dead-make-feel-like-a-movie-star shoes, in which case, I say it’s worth the pain).

4. Laugh at your clothes. As cheesy as some tee-shirts are, sometimes the funny ones just put you in a good mood. My Sheldon shirt is a personal favorite of mine, even though it just says, “Bazinga.” For fans of “The Big Bang Theory,” you understand my delight in this shirt. Sometimes, no one understands your shirt (fuzzy-Ron-Swanson-mustache shirt, anyone?), but that’s OK, too. I think private jokes are better, anyway.

5. Accessorize. I’ve already extolled the virtues of my gold sunglasses and my necklace, but accessories can make all the difference. Seriously, just ask Ryan Reynolds.

Take these tips or leave them, they’re just my way of making the day a little brighter. Sometimes, all it takes is a pair of socks to trigger a little smile as you walk to class. You never know what that smile could do for the rest of your day.


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