Game shows

Being with my family is like one big competition, mostly because we make it a competition by watching game shows. We all have our strengths, our good days, and our bad days. I love when we all watch Jeopardy! or Wheel of Fortune together. We’re so competitive, we even have the Wii versions of both games!

My brother and I are bitter enemies when it comes to game shows. I’ve got the edge on him in Jeopardy!, but he always beats me in Wheel of Fortune. I love my brother, but intense games often end up in arguments with one of us (okay, me) stomping out of the room. It’s always fun, though. I’m such a nerd that I think my favorite part is learning new trivia or the simple joy of wordplay.

My dad has us all beat in The Price is Right. I can’t tell if he’s just a really good guesser, or if he really knows the prices. Either way, I really want to send him to the show one day and see if he can win me a car or a trip to Peru. Maybe he’ll get a Mediterranean cruise that he and Mom can use as a vacation. I have no doubt in my mind that he could win if he were on the show.

I wouldn’t want to be on Jeopardy! though. I’m not great in high-pressure situations, and I would probably shake the entire time. You know those contestants that violently jerk their whole body just to hit the buzzer? That would be me. I much prefer watching it at home with my family. Happy winter break!


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