iPad Frenzy


Entertainment Weekly finally has an app!! I was so excited when I found out, that I downloaded it immediately. I have been reading EW loyally for years now, but reading it on the iPad is particularly fun. It’s an active experience, with easy access to outside information (movie trailers, music downloads, etc.). Basically, I love it.


I think my favorite part of the new app is that new issues can be downloaded on Thursdays. While at home, I would normally have to wait until Friday to get a new issue. While at school, I normally get a bunch all at once. This way, I get the news on time! Well, entertainment news. Really, it is a great magazine.

I haven’t really gotten into reading magazines on a tablet, but that’s because I’ve never bothered to subscribe. With this app, it’s easy to log in and get started right away. I think my favorite print-to-app change is the “What to Watch” regular feature in the television section. In the app, I can choose which day I want to look at, and it blocks out the other days. What was once a text-heavy, hard-to-focus-on section is now accessible and useful.

I also love the “Sound Bites” feature, which chooses the more amusing quotes from celebrities that week. With the app, I’m able to pick one person and see their quote. Like this:

I’m really excited to see how this app progresses and any cool new features they add. Until then, I think I’ll just enjoy my magazine. For those of you without subscriptions and don’t really care what I have to say about the app, there’s still some EW wonderfulness for you. Those of you with smartphones or tablets can download the EW Must List app. It’s their top ten picks for pop culture that week. It’s also interactive, and it includes choices from all sections (TV, movies, music, books, even video games and the stage). It’s definitely worth a look.

I will also never stop recommending the EW website. The photo galleries are particularly awesome.

The photos above are screenshots from my iPad while using the apps explained.


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