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Yes, I know I missed my Friday deadline for posting. I am disappointed in my (lack of) determination to fulfill my promise (to myself) to write a new post every Friday after classes. Now that I’ve called out my failure to keep a resolution, I can talk about a real issue: syllabus week.

Now, I’ve never been a fan of the concept that the first week of classes is negligible. However, syllabus week does have a ring of truth to it if the professor or the TA doesn’t have anything else planned. You walk in the first day, the teacher reads the syllabus to you, and you walk out. I like learning things, taking notes. Few things in my life are more disappointing than an unused notebook.

...especially a cute notebook like this!

If we’re just being read the syllabus, I don’t need to take notes. If I do, I’ll write them directly on the syllabus. Then I end up walking out with my pristine notebook in my bag, the weight of a thousand possibilities attached. It sounds like a good thing, but it’s really not.

Luckily, I did not have to deal with “syllabus week” this semester. My teachers were all determined to impart knowledge in the first class. I’ve only been in class a week, and I feel like I’ve already learned (and written) a lot. It’s a great feeling!

Today, I have my last “first class.” I’m taking a visual/design course, which includes a two-hour lab (yikes!). For this first lab, I have a new sketchpad and the fear of someone who can’t draw. This is mostly because I can’t draw. I was always that kid in art class that just liked to color. I can doodle, but something tells me that stars and flowers won’t be included in my final designs.

This is the first drawing in my lab sketchpad.

From time to time, I might post failed sketches from class. Who knows? It may help me learn.


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