About Morgan


When did I grow up? I don’t remember this happening! Last year, I was just a freshman in college. My biggest concern was whether or not I’d get straight As and make friends. True, those are not exactly “small” concerns, but they’re not my only concerns anymore. I have a high-pressure job. I’m heavily involved in a major organization. I have an internship. People rely on me. I will ask again: when did I grow up?

It’s not just me, either. Tomorrow, there’s a Mizzou men’s basketball game. Two of my dear, dear friends will not be attending because they have other obligations. We used to live for basketball games! Now, we’re just adults who have jobs and duties. I miss being a kid.

I guess at 20 years old, though, I have to accept the fact that I’m not a kid anymore. Professors are already talking about “building our careers” and making decisions for our future. It’s kind of scary. It means that I have to keep my priorities in check. I can’t just hang out with friends or watch movies every night. I need to go to meetings, do (a LOT of) homework, talk to a hundred people a day (that may be a slight exaggeration). My point is that it’s not just about the present anymore. I have to keep my future a priority. I guess it’s all about finding balance.


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