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Professional social media…er?

This is the first semester I’m taking strategic communication classes, and they’re meant to be the building blocks of my career. In “Principles,” we’re talking about resumes and cover letters. Did you know that blogs can be a valuable asset on a resume? I didn’t, and now I’m worried that this blog isn’t professional enough. Then again, my resume’s probably not up to snuff, either.

What my resume kind of looks like...

It’s ok, though! I think these classes are really going to help me gain confidence in my professional persona. In fact, I’ve learned a lot already. Lesson number one was, “The goal of a resume is not to get hired, it’s to get an interview.”

See? Much better!

It’s true that I have no idea who is actually reading this blog. I suspect it’s my mother reading through every post…twice. However, I do hope that future employers see it as a valuable outlet. Maybe if I garner enough readers, they’ll pay me to write it! Until then, I’ll just be that college student writing a blog about being a student. I’m the only one out there, right?


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