About Morgan

My co-dependent relationship

One of the best ways to move past a co-dependent relationship is to acknowledge the intense control it has over you. Today, I am acknowledging my inappropriate, time-consuming, all-important relationship with my iPhone. It has been a long road, and there have been difficult times, like when the battery dies.

All joking aside, I really do feel lost if I don’t have my phone. I used to pride myself on the fact that I could leave my phone at home and not have a care in the world. Now, it seems like I lose my tether to society if my phone is more than three feet away from me. There is clearly something wrong with this situation.

I’m not alone, though. This is a growing epidemic with my generation. Are we so attached to the Internet that we cannot function without access to it? The thought is mildly terrifying.

Even as I’m writing this, my phone is sitting on my leg. It’s mocking me, just egging me on to check Twitter, Facebook, texts, emails. Most of these I can check on this very computer, yet I’ll most likely use my phone to do it. Why? I just don’t know.

Phones didn’t use to be this necessary in my life. I remember when I didn’t even have text messaging, let alone all the forms of communication that are available in this little, black box. When did my phone become my partner in crime?

Better question: will it ever not be?


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