About Morgan

Information overload

How much information do you consume in a day, just walking across campus? Or in an hour watching television? Or in five minutes on Twitter? I’d guess a lot of information. Using myself as an example, I follow 180 Twitter accounts. Most of those are news/entertainment entities (Ben Savage is a delight). Many are the personal accounts of friends and family. Some are Mizzou-oriented. All of them are constantly providing me with information they think is relevant to share. How much information is too much, though?

I can’t say that I’m much better: I’ve tweeted almost 1,300 times. Whether I’m quoting something my friends said or sharing a link to an article I find important, I am imposing my thoughts, reactions, and opinions upon my followers. I’m not just receiving the information, but I’m creating and sending out my own! When does the madness stop?!



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