About Morgan

Morgan and music

Have you ever burst out in song? I have, quite often. Normally, I’ll just sing along to whatever music is playing around me. Sometimes, I’ll have that one song stuck in my head that I just can’t make go away. It’s gotten to the point where I just start singing with no reason. I just…sing.

I blame my dad. He’s always been the random singer in the family. It was never much, just singing a phrase that most people would speak. He also whistles, another habit I’ve picked up. I surprise myself by whistling…and I don’t notice I’m doing it until halfway through the song.

At Mizzou, there are always so many people around. Singing on the sidewalk is sure to get me more than a few strange looks. I’m not sure if this makes me upset, because my activity of random singing is curbed by the social pressure I feel, or if it makes me happy, because maybe (just maybe), someone will want to join in.



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