About Morgan


I am great at coming up with excuses. They’re not necessarily creative, valid or useful excuses, but I’ll find a way to make them work for me. My excuse for not updating this blog more? I don’t have any topics to talk about. My excuse for not doing a reading tonight? I don’t have to have it read until Friday. The list goes on and on! How can I break my habit of letting the little things stop me?

Part of my job here at Mizzou is making bulletin boards for the good of my peers. While researching my latest one, I found tips to encourage self-motivation with creativity. I know, it doesn’t sound great, but it’s actually pretty fun. I was really lazy last night, and didn’t want to do anything but nap. Instead, I colored a picture. It was maybe twenty minutes of childish fun, but it got me off the couch and at my desk. Once I finished coloring, I actually read a chapter for class. It seems silly, but just sitting at my desk (with my laptop put away) actually encouraged me to reach for a textbook and get some work done.

Another tip from the creativity list is to write in a journal every morning. If I can’t be bothered to write even a short blog post every day, I definitely can’t expect myself to keep up with a daily journal, too. However, there is a suggestion for carrying a journal with you, wherever you go. This way, you can write down observations throughout the day instead of doing it all at once. To be fair, that’s kind of how I use Twitter. It’s still a great idea, though.

If anyone has any creativity tips, please share them! It’s good to break up the monotony of a schedule with new ideas!


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