Home stretch

It’s coming, and everyone at Mizzou can feel it. Yep, it’s almost Finals Week. I’m pretty lucky in that I’m already finished with three classes. I finished my stats course weeks ago, and I took two final exams this morning. I’ve only got three tests next week standing in the way of me and my summer. How on earth am I going to prepare for these tests, when summer (and home) isjust that close?

I have a pretty simple game plan: relax and enjoy myself, at least this weekend. For me, there’s nothing worse than having time to stress about something (like finals). The best way for me to overcome that is to put my mind on something else. Obviously, I’ll still read my notes. I’ll wade through the chicken-scratch and the doodles to fit just one more nugget of information into my brain. However, I am limiting myself to only half an hour per subject each day until Sunday. Sunday is a no-holds-barred study coma for me, but until then, only happiness and movies.

Yep, movies. That’s my entertainment of choice for this weekend. Mostly, I’ll watch whatever I’ve got laying around. But Friday? I get to see “The Avengers”! I’m not big on comic books or superheroes, but I do enjoy escapism and this movie seems just the ticket. For everyone else, happy Finals Week!


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