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Respect. Show some.

I woke up this morning with the ache of someone hit by a truck, twice. Clearly, I was not hit by a truck, my body was merely sore from standing for several hours and suffering severe disappointment yesterday. Apparently, I can manifest my emotional pain of losing a football game into physical pain.

As any good Mizzou fan will tell you, our team played two quarters very well yesterday. Some will even tell you three. Yesterday’s game was quite the roller coaster for everyone watching. Eventually, Georgia took the lead and ran with it. That was rough, and not entirely unexpected, but I could handle that. What made me really sad was Georgia’s reaction to their win.

My dad and brother always tell me to toughen up, get used to bad sportsmanship. I have always hated booing. I don’t like spreading hatred or vitriol because someone wears different colors. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to MU-KU games, but they’re hard for me to stomach sometimes.

Last night, there was too much disrespect going on. Mizzou’s not blameless, I know. There were too many boos from the gold crowd for me. Call me crazy, but I expect more of Tiger fans. What really sickened me, though, came from Georgia. To me, there is nothing more disrespectful than a visiting band playing during the Missouri Waltz. There’s something sacred about a state university flagship playing the state song, and Georgia’s band broke that. I thought it couldn’t get worse, that I couldn’t get angrier than that.

That is, until I saw Georgia players deliberately run out to our Tiger logo on the field and stomp after the final play. For a team to do that, I think that shows an unnecessary lack of respect. It makes me sad that the Georgia program thinks so little of Mizzou and everything that Tiger represents. Show some pride, Bulldogs, not rudeness.

I know, I’m being sensitive and blowing an instance of a couple players doing something stupid way out of proportion. Am I really wrong, though? Is it bad that I expect more out of people? I know some would say yes, but my answer will probably always be no.


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