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Why I love Twitter

In high school, “social media” meant Facebook and MySpace. My loving parents allowed me to create a Facebook account before my junior year. Before that, though, I didn’t even have my own email account, let alone a MySpace page. By the time I had Facebook, MySpace was a bad dream seemingly filled with pedophiles and deserted accounts.

Facebook was a grand invention for me, as I made friends from all over the state and had no motivation to write letters. With the social media giant, I was able to talk to my friends and send them flair. Does anyone do that anymore? Man, I feel old.

Anywho, I finally got to Mizzou two years later and met a whole bunch of new people, mostly journalism students. Do you know what Mizzou journalism students love to do? Geek out over news. As these incredibly nerdy conversations were happening around me, I kept hearing about Twitter. I had never really heard about it before, but I knew that Facebook was more than enough for me.

Enter J2150, multimedia journalism. For this class, I was required to keep a public Twitter account and create this blog. As you can see by my constant posts and words of wisdom, this blog has clearly remained a priority. #Lie As you can see by my inappropriate use of a hashtag, Twitter has actually permeated my life.

I’m not quite sure how 140-character tweets became an important part of my day, but I find myself checking the feed constantly. As I type this, I keep looking up at the tab with a little blue bird and the rising number of unread tweets. If you’re on Twitter, more likely than not you understand what I mean. It’s completely addicting!

It doesn’t help as I follow more people. That just means that more tweets load, and then I’m more likely to miss something important, funny, poignant, or just plain silly. Yet, I keep hitting the “Follow” button. Why do I keep doing this??? I really don’t know, but it will just keep happening until all I do with my life is read my Twitter feed. Hopefully, my friends and family stage an intervention before that happens.

Stay tuned next week (keep me honest!) as I a) expand on my love of Twitter and celebrity BFFLsb) explain my live-tweet reading addiction, c) move on to Instagram, or d) just write about whatever TV shows I am watching (ALL OF THEM). Sound off in the comments section if you have a preference!


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