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To the finish line!

Thanksgiving break was a much needed week away from campus, but it’s over now. It’s time for all of Mizzou to get back to work, pushing through these last few weeks of fall semester. We’ve all got our to-do lists and test schedules, and it’s up to us to make it past finals week.

Problem: I like being on break. It’s nice to pretend that my life consists only of sleep, snacks, and Netflix. Unfortunately, a week of this pretending builds horrible routines and habits that I now have to break. How do I do this? By holding onto every last vestige of my vacation and realizing that my real work has to start tomorrow. I know this sounds like procrastination, but it actually really helps me focus.

Of course, it helps that I write list upon list of what I have to do. The big-ticket item is my project portfolio for my Strategic Writing class. All the ads I’ve created for this class have to be compiled and made prettier… Hours of work, more hours needed to finish. Can I do it? That doesn’t matter. What matters is that it gets done and done well. Wish me luck!


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