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Rough days

“The finals are coming, the finals are coming!” That’s what Paul Revere said, right? No? Well, then I guess I should add that story to my “Lessons to Be Learned” pile. It’s getting pretty big now that the dreaded finals week is here. As a J-student, my finals should have all been last week. The J-school has ALL of their classes in the same auditorium, so it’s just easier to have the test during the last class period. However, I only took one journalism course (aced that final!) and now I face four tests this week.

What makes this week so rough is the appalling amount of free time. I have one test per day, which you think would give me a lot of time to study. It does, which is exactly the problem. I work better under pressure, and studying the same content for an entire day is not conducive to my habits. Normally, I jump from subject to subject, project to project, your typical, deadline-oriented journalism student. If I have a whole day, though, I get easily distracted. Of course, it’s all my fault.

Right now, I am distracting myself from studying for a marketing exam by writing this blog post. Even sadder is the fact that it’s the second blog post I’ve written since studying for this test. I guess I can turn it into studying by summarizing what I’ve learned for this test. That’s not a boring read, right?

For this marketing test, we covered retailing and wholesaling, advertising and public relations, personal selling and sales promotions, direct and online marketing, and globalization. To study, I’ve been meticulously filling out the study guide (again), rereading notes, chapters, and articles. I’ve pretty much been glued to whatever desk I’m working at. Is this a good process? The minute I doubt my preparedness, I’m bound to just do it all over again, so I’m going to say, “Yes.”

All right, Mizzou students! Actual finals week starts in a little over three hours. Take care of yourselves this week, and show those exams who’s the boss (hint: it’s Angela). But really, though, good luck on finals!


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