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To 2012, a year to remember!

2012 will always be the year I watched way too much Netflix, spent a great month at Missouri Scholars Academy, and generally flourished as the nerd I am. If I’m completely honest with myself, it seems like not much has changed. I’m still working with Residential Life, STRIPES and Tiger’s Lair. I have the same friends, the same habits. While many of my peers seem to be changing gracefully over time, it feels like I am still the same Morgan.

Well, “if it ain’t broke…”

Even if I still look the same on paper, I have made progress in my life. Same friends? Better friendships. Same organizations? More responsibility. Same habits? Well, that could probably use some work, but I do try. That has to count for something.

Anyway, I decided to take a look back at my resolutions post from last year. The results aren’t that pretty, but the point of resolutions is to keep track of whether or not you fulfilled them. Right?

  1. Write a new post every Friday. Whoops. That didn’t happen.
  2. Post more pictures. I guess, maybe? I don’t know. I did join Instagram…which isn’t connected to this site. Whoops again.
  3. Redesign this blog. Hey, I got one! As of a week ago, but it counts!

One out of three? I’ll take it. Now, I’ll round out 2012 with my ever-present opinions on the world of entertainment!

Music: Ah, the year of “Call Me Maybe” and “Gangnam Style.” For me, though, 2012 was all about Fun. My mom heard “We Are Young” on the radio, and loved it so much that she wanted to see Fun. in concert. Luckily enough, the band was coming to CoMo. As a birthday present for my mom, I waited in line for tickets to the sold out show and bought both of their CDs. For two months, all I listened to was this band, a group I had only heard of this year. The more I listened, the more I loved the music, and the more excited I got for the concert. The cynic in me was leery, though, as my higher hopes would destine me for disappointment. When they performed on “Saturday Night Live,” it seemed my cynical side would be proven right. I was not impressed with their performance, and I thought seeing them live would be a waste of time and money. Boy, was I wrong! The concert was fantastic, and my mom and I had a great time. If you have the opportunity to see Fun. live, I highly suggest it.

Movies: Building giant hopes tends to be bad juju for movies, just look at Taylor Kitsch‘s run this year. I was pleasantly surprised, then, with three big-time projects in 2012. I was genuinely impressed with “Lincoln,” “The Hobbit” and “Les Mis,” high hopes supremely met. Of course, all three films had me in tears, but I was truly happy to see how well they turned out. I’ve been so obsessed with “Les Mis” that I was worried a bad interpretation would actually break my heart. Instead, I found the movie just short of perfection. Could it be that my critical mind was distracted by one of my favorite musicals and its wonderful music? Probably, but I’m not complaining (even if everyone else is). I can’t ignore the sleeper hit, “Pitch Perfect,” a FANTASTIC movie that I have watched again and again and again. Full of great quotes and fun music, I would probably call it a mix of “Glee” and “Bring It On.” It’s got bite, and the DVD was one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year.

Television: As I said, Netflix kind of took over my life. However, summing up my TV habits for 2012 is best described as “British.” I’ve fallen in love with “Downton Abbey” and its many characters (and even its actors). My Facebook page is littered with posts from friends about #DanDan and our love of the Dowager Countess. If you’re not watching, you’re wrong. “The IT Crowd” is another joy, a nice 20-minute diversion about nerds working in the basement of a soulless corporation. Once you get over the laugh track, it’s just a fun watch. I’ve also recently given into the temptations that are “Sherlock” and “Doctor Who.” If I try to explain my immediate addictions, I wouldn’t know how to stop. For those of you still on winter break, they’re all on Netflix! Once you’re as in love with these shows as I am, Tumblr is a great resource for in-jokes and mash-ups (like this one of “Pitch Perfect” and “Downton Abbey”). Is Tumblr always appropriate? No, so fair warning and tread carefully.

For more 2012 entertainment speculation, I suggest checking out BuzzFeed or Entertainment Weekly. They have tons of lists and reviews to pore through.

Well, that’s it for 2012! A toast to the new year and new beginnings! Cheers!


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