About Morgan

Growing up is hard to do

With little more than a month left in the spring semester, it’s getting harder and harder to pretend that everything is going to be the same next year. Friends are graduating, looking for real people jobs. Even my peers that aren’t graduating are looking for professional experience through internships, trying to garner enough contacts to guarantee options after the big G.

It'd be really great if the future could just...not, right now.
It’d be really great if the future could just…not, right now. [my source]
Am I being a little naive, thinking I can put off thinking about the “What then?” Double question mark, yikes. I know that time keeps going, and I’ll have to face the future eventually. But for a girl whose only thought this semester has been “Make it to Friday,” long-term planning isn’t exactly high on the list of desires.

Off to face the world...another day. [my source]
Off to face the world…another day. [my source]
For those wondering, yes, I am a scaredy cat. I can accept that. It’s not one of my better qualities, but it does help me cope with this thing called life. Fight or flight is a real response, and I happen to think I have a healthy self-knowledge when it comes down to it. If I know I can’t handle a situation, sometimes it’s best to remove myself from it. I don’t call it running away, I call it self preservation.

See? I’m not as jaded as SOME people. [my source]
I clearly have some personal growth to accomplish, but all is not lost. I still have great theme songs to get me through, right? I’ve  got great friends always ready to talk me out of a panic. I was also lucky enough to be born into an incredibly supportive family, with the best parents and brother (and future sister) a girl could ask for. When in doubt, it never hurts to put on a smile.

Well, most of the time. [my source]
Good luck out there, friends.


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