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Busy bee

When two friends or acquaintances see each other, the first question that almost always comes is, “How you doing?” Forgetting the million Joey Tribbianis bouncing around in my head, I’ve come to discover that my answer is always, “Busy.” I’m not sure what’s more upsetting: that “busy” is my go-to state of being, or that it doesn’t really answer the question.

I have always tended to over-commit myself, but I’m a senior now. Shouldn’t these tendencies have worked themselves out of my system by now? I’m about to graduate, and I’m still the same person? Thanks for the growing experience, college.

No, I’m thankful for the great privilege it is for me to attend my home university. However, it feels like I’ve given quite a chunk of myself to Mizzou. Yesterday, I agreed to add five more hours a week on my schedule, this time for a project group. With all the explicit meeting times and requirements of my schedule, it seems like I should be able to manage it all.

I miss early August, when this schedule said I was able to breathe.

What I failed to account for is the obvious extras. Twelve hours of class a week is a peachy keen workload. That is, until I remember that it’s roughly two or three hours of outside reading and assignments per class. Executive meetings can be self-contained, until committee action is required. I swear, it’s the little things that get you.

Am I worried about this semester? Sure, who isn’t? This is the experience that prepares you for the workforce, though. College is not just about nostalgia, tradition, and the carefree days of youth. We’re all here, in some way, shape or form, to build the skills and networks of a career. Here’s hoping my planner stays just as pretty ten years from now.


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