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In all of my marketing classes, the professor points out that millennials determine what’s cool by the lack of parents involved. One of the reasons Facebook is declining in popularity with college students (besides the temptation to throw your computer out the window if you see another engagement or baby announcement) is the fact that everyone and their grandmother is on it. Who wants to live under the microscope of caring adults? Few millennials, apparently.

To be honest, though, I’m one of them. I would love for my parents to be on Facebook with me! It’s so much simpler to keep up with the goings-on, especially when we don’t always have an extra hour to devote on the phone (as much as we may want it). If my parents were on Facebook, they could see my pictures, what I’m doing, who I’m with, etc. As a self-professed nerd with no real life outside of work and school, I am totally okay with my profile. Nothing to hide here!

My parents, bless them, just don’t want to deal with the social media giant. They don’t really see the point in Facebook when they already have enough to do with their lives. Sometimes, I’m jealous that they’re able to not worry about someone posted on someone else’s timeline. What? People can live without Facebook? It’s okay, though, I got them on Twitter.

My dad seems to think that I am constantly reading Twitter, and he always asks if I liked what he posted that day. Being the good daughter I am, I go and look at his Twitter feed. He gets offended, though, if I don’t remember off the top of my head. I follow more than 300 accounts and only check Twitter sporadically throughout the day. I barely remember what I had for breakfast, let alone what one person tweeted once during the one day. I guess I can’t blame him, though, when it comes to my knack for recalling useless facts and tidbits across several Jeopardy! categories. Fair enough.

I think it’s nice that I get to connect with my family on so many levels. It brightens my day to see my brother quoting a favorite movie on Facebook or an Instagram picture from my sister-in-law. I like seeing my dad interact with friends and colleagues on Twitter. I still think I can talk my mom into Instagram, she really does love photos. I love sharing the social media space with my family, especially since it means we’re not really separated by the hour-long drive. We’re just a click of a button away.


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