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Get in the spirit

I often joke that I’m an 80-year-old woman, not the 22-year-old Millennial I really am. A large part of that comes from my tendency to watch old movies or television shows. One of my favorites is The Golden Girls, which I have finally been able to watch again since Mizzou updated their telecom service. You see, my best friends Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia all live on the Hallmark Channel. Yes, I love the sappy, feel-good scheduling that Hallmark favors. It’s especially great in that I could watch The Golden Girls every day, if I wanted to.

Come Nov. 1, though, my devoted television routine was ruined. Once Halloween was over, Hallmark claimed their title as “the home of Christmas.” Now, the channel constantly plays Christmas movies of all quality at all hours of the day. There’s not a wicker purse in sight!

You know what’s worse? I can’t change the channel. For two weeks, I have watched more than my fair share of Christmas movies, and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I love Christmas, I do, but I don’t normally get into the spirit this early. Maybe it’s the sickly sweet themes of good tidings and friendship, but I just can’t stop myself from tuning into the next movie popping up. It’s an illness, I know. Well, if I can’t avoid the movies, I might as well fix some popcorn to go with. Merry (early) Christmas!


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