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Another winter break

Do you believe in the magic of winter? Columbia certainly does, apparent by the sudden influx of Magic Tree photos on various social media platforms. For this weary Mizzou senior, though, the magic of winter is not about twinkling lights and snow. No, my definition of magic is the wonderful month I get to spend at home. After a harried semester of group projects and organization obligations, winter break allows me to pause, breathe, and relax.

I can’t let everything fall off the radar, however. This is not just another winter break, but likely my final winter break before entering the real world. I need to be preparing for graduation and a career, neither of which will be accomplished by my finally watching my Netflix and Hulu queues. What to do, what to do?

The first thing to do would be to beef up the online presence, I guess. My LinkedIn is pretty bare, which is a job-hunting no-no, if the J-School has taught me anything. We were ranked number one, by the way. I’m easy to find on Twitter, and I like to think I’m prolific in micro-blogging. Of course, I tend to go radio silent on long breaks such as this, so maybe “prolific” isn’t the right word. I do have a habit for live-tweeting awards shows, so there’s that.

The next step in joining the real world is updating the résumé. I did the jump from high school to college activities once a professor destroyed an old version with a vicious red pen. Now, though, I’m making sure my experience lines up with a career, not just listing little things anymore. How does one do this without sounding like she’s trying too hard? Since when is trying too hard a bad thing? Oh, this winter break is sounding more stressful by the minute. Relax, I have to remind myself.

Luckily, I also get to use this break to catch up on much needed sleep. This semester has indeed been tiring, and I’m glad I made it to the other side. Will next semester be just as strenuous? I should say, “I hope not.” However, if my last semester of undergrad is supposed to prepare me for the real world, I’d prefer to over-prepare than under-prepare. That said, it will be nice to take a step back and re-focus my priorities. I won’t be teaching a FIG class, nor preparing to teach the next one. For the first time in two years, I will just be a normal STRIPES member without executive responsibilities. In two weeks, I’ll be attending my last Mizzou football game as a Tiger’s Lair coordinator. Next semester will be different, sure, but it’s time to move forward. Graduation progress: getting there. For now, I’ll just enjoy my winter break.


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