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I have about 200 blank journals/diaries/notebooks tucked away in the many corners of my life. Each fresh batch of paper was full of potential. Would it be a diary? A dream journal? My new novel? It didn’t matter to me, I was just happy to have a new outlet for whatever my pen wanted to write. And write, I did…for the first ten pages.

I’ve written about the difficulties I face when updating this blog. It’s hard to keep myself motivated to write a new post, let alone posting something consistently. This is not for a lack of prompts; one call to my mom, and she would give me any number of starting points. It’s not for a lack of time, mostly. I could just as easily post once or twice a day, if I really wanted to do that. I don’t, because not that many people read this blog, and I doubt they visit more than once a week.

No, I think much of the difficulty comes from the theme of the blog and what I am trying to accomplish. This is a blog about me and my collegiate journey (well, and the aftermath). This isn’t the place to post the coffee-shop fairytale I wrote for my creative writing class. This isn’t where I would publish my perfect plan for “fixing” campaign finance at the federal level (there’s actually two versions for two classes, one pro-limits and one anti-). Instead, I try to tailor each post to fit the theme as faithfully as possible. They’re all a part of my story as a Mizzou student (ahem…grad).

That said, I just don’t have much to say on a daily basis. I worked for several campus organizations, most of which included some form of confidentiality or an expectation of reticence in a public forum. Basically, I can’t write about just everything and post it here. I would get in so much trouble, and this blog just isn’t worth that hassle.

On the other hand, this blog is worth something to me. It started as a journalism class project, then became a personal exercise to document my experience in college. More specifically, this was an easy way for my parents to keep up with my comings and goings across Mizzou (thanks, Mom and Dad). Now, it’s a body of writing that can showcase my grasp of informal communication to potential employers.

Most of all, this blog is a testament to my efforts as a Tiger to add my voice to the world. It’s not much, and it’s not daily, but it’s special to me. It’s a part of who I am, and I am happy to have the opportunity to just…write. Even if it’s sporadic at best, I appreciate what this blog has become: a work in progress.


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