I thought the worst part of the job hunt was the uncertainty, the waiting. When I send out resumes and emails, it’s the waiting for a return that makes me anxious. It’s like college was the safe beach, but now I’m floating further and further out to sea. There’s no clear destination in sight, which is terrifying.

When waiting for that call back or email reply, I find myself staring at my phone. I (not always) silently beg for it to make a noise, give me some indication that it’s working and has a new email for me to read. In this cold, mean ocean of a waiting game, the phone is my buoy in the water.

Today, my buoy sunk.

A mere attempt to update to the latest iOS software turned into nearly a half-day’s panic for this gal. The phone was frozen, mid-update overnight; when I woke up the next morning, I thought I was still asleep and having a nightmare. My phone wouldn’t do anything. 

Like any work-obsessed person, my first thought was to email everyone I worked with who may have tried to contact my cell phone. As a backup, I had to chain myself to my desk and the office landline. iMessage integration on my laptop helped, as did email, but my phone was still a paperweight. I couldn’t force turn off the phone, which is my go-to for everything.

from The IT Crowd, 101
from The IT Crowd, 101

If I wanted my phone back to working order today (and I did), that only left me the nuclear option: restore to factory settings.

Now that the phone is up and running, I have had to painstakingly select which apps to put back, reorder them in a more coherent series, and remember all the different passwords I use to make everything right. I did this over the course of hours, and I’m (weirdly) happier for it. I never understood the hype of feng shui for interior design, but I think I get it now. The sense of rightness I feel with my “new” phone is satisfying in the strangest way.

Of course, even though the phone works and my buoy is intact, I’m still floating in the ocean. So, I’ll be here, waiting on a call or an email. The small comfort I do have is that my phone can receive them when they come. If they come. No, when. Definitely when.



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