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The art of professional communication

Anyone who has read a few of my blog posts could probably tell you that I tend toward informal writing. In fact, my creative writing professor always loved my dialogue because it sounded “authentic.” I think that was just a nice way of saying that I write like I speak, which is normally a big NO in any writing whatsoever. As a college student, this habit of mine has worked out quite well. In campus organizations, I often had to write emails to the full membership body. An informal tone made the dry information and necessary reminders a little easier to keep reading, as well as a bit more personal than hiding behind an org logo.

The informality works great with peers, but I’m supposed to be a grown-up…right? Especially during my ongoing job hunt, I have to be professional and formal. Each cover letter and resume variation has to be carefully crafted, and I pray with each time I hit send that I sound like the graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism that I am.

In the endless pool of this formal communication, however, I find myself regressing to the most basic reactions with my personal contacts. Yes, I am the awful person who responds to texts with gifs. Maybe, it’s how I add a bit of whimsy to my days, despite a lack of direction and certainty. Maybe, it just makes me smile. It’s nice to react with cute gifs instead of agonizing over word choice and sentence structure. Will potential employers possibly reading this enjoy my light-hearted habit? If not, then please enjoy the bunny eating a dandelion anyway. Oh, and hire me. Please? I promise to use my professional pen.

Maybe the bunny would hire me if I brought her dandelions... [my source]
Maybe the bunny would hire me if I brought her dandelions… [my source]

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