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An exercise in futility

You know what’s harder than redesigning your blog? Committing to the redesign.

I spent far too much of yesterday playing around with new themes, new layouts, new widgets… Yet, nothing felt right. I don’t know if I have just gotten used to how the blog is now, but I didn’t want to change it drastically as I thought I did. So, I settled on making some smaller changes to really turn this into Job Hunt Central. Yes, I know I am about a summer late in updating for purposes of resume-spouting, but better late than never, right?

Some of the changes I finally made:

  • Resume: I have actually added my resume to the site for potential employers looking through to have a more interactive and expansive version of my work experience.
  • Contact: I added a contact sheet. Let’s be honest, no one really comments on my posts. If anyone does know of a job out there, though, now they can let me know, too!
  • Projects: This page has always existed on this blog. Literally, it has been there since day one. But, now it’s sleeker, easier to use (hopefully), and actually updated to include more of my work from the later years.

More than an actual redesign, I’ve been toying with the overall theme for the blog itself. The job hunt is obviously front and center right now, because it’s front and center in my life. While talking with a friend that is lovingly dedicated to reading this blog, she suggested pulling away from the Mizzou focus. That is overwhelmingly why this blog was even started, and my journey would not nearly have been the same had it not taken place here on campus.

At the same time, I hear what she’s saying; I am not a Mizzou student anymore. It will always be a part of who I am, but it can’t be all I am. As I eventually transfer to a real life in the real world, I’ll need to find a new theme. There’s always family, but they also are among the few who still read this blog (love you, guys). Work? Maybe, unless I go into a field where confidentiality is a tenet.

I’ve used the word “journey” a few times now, but isn’t that what a personal blog is supposed to be? I guess I can only find a new theme if I keep documenting my journey in the only way I can: through erratic, randomly thought-up ramblings that I can’t help but share with the world. Like Def Leppard once asked, is there anybody out there? Does anybody care?

I do, and that’s enough for me.


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