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Every time I read a blog-to-book memoir, I’m reminded of this little hamlet of the social media world. Will I one day have to thank my freshman multimedia professor for requiring a Twitter account and a WordPress blog, the very building blocks to my own digital empire?

Probably not, if my blogging habits are anything to go by.

Narcissism is supposedly a touchstone of my generation, but that accusation tends to fall flat every time I struggle to find something to write about. You should know this, reader. I haven’t posted in more than a year. I don’t even know why the few people stumbling upon this relic of my college days choose to read what I do post. But for those that do, I have one thing to say.

Thank you.

Like many of my cohorts, the first year or two after graduation have dulled the shine of “adulting.” I think, “Hey, I earn a solid paycheck without student loans hovering like a dark cloud about me. I can buy a pretty planner for no better reason than it’s prettier than the cheaper, more durable option.” While most would expect me to fill it with the exciting exploits of a twenty-something gal living on her own, I use it to keep up with my TV shows. On a side note, I probably watch too much TV.

Yet, despite my completely boring self and life, there are actually people out there that flip through old entries because they can. It’s oddly empowering to have unknown strangers on the Internet caring enough to read more than one page on my blog. I’m sure that is a completely new concept for the World Wide Web, but hey, I’ve already admitted I’m out of ideas for this site.

I can’t bring myself to delete it, though. This is my blog, a pseudo-scrapbook of my college career and beyond. It serves as an online portfolio, a history of sorts for any potential employer. Why would I ever want that to go away? I can’t even entertain the thought of throwing out any of my hundreds of t-shirts that I don’t wearOn another side note, prepare for a post beleaguering my attempt at spring cleaning this weekend.

And you know what? I still refuse to throw out my t-shirts. Like the quilt they might someday become (if I ever take up quilting), I shall also make the effort to revamp and rebuild this blog. I’ve said it before, in many similar posts. It will take time and dedication, but I don’t like feeling disconnected anymore. This site was a point of pride for me, and I would hate for that to fade over time.

Consider this the next chapter of my life in the blogosphere; we’ll see how it goes.



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