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Shifting the Balance

You know what I miss about undergrad? I could read books for fun. I had hobbies, time to volunteer for fun and worthy organizations. School was my job, everything else was just bonus.

Now, I have school and a job. Don’t get me wrong, I love having both; but it can really be draining to spend every spare minute doing either one or the other. I mean, I did have time to write this post… Still, I often feel guilty when I’m not focused on either school or work. Did I forget something? Should I be more productive than I am?

This adventure in graduate school, especially an online program, has been primarily an exercise in balance. Do what I can, when I can – then hoard the extra minutes to cram in another page of The Handmaid’s Tale at every opportunity. By fall, I should probably be halfway through the book.

Perhaps the strangest inconvenience I didn’t expect was the effect my decision to go back to school would have on my technology. My laptop absolutely hates the software receiver I needed for my stats class. My iPad storage is woefully short given the textbooks I’ve had to buy. These are such petty problems to have, ones I should be grateful aren’t worse, but they symbolize the subtle changes that I’m noticing in my life. This opportunity for further education is stretching my capabilities, sometimes to the point of inconvenient pain, in an effort to grow.

Growth is great and all, but I wonder what this shift in balance will look like after graduation. What do I do when this period of growth ends?

Does it ever end?


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