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Family Support

On this Father’s Day weekend, I want to brag a bit about how great my dad is. When I was first thinking about a master’s program, I knew I needed to do my research: available degrees, reputable schools, costs upon costs, student loan details, etc. For a good month, I freaked out over my growing collection of documents and the terrifying decision that would inevitably have to be made.

And then, I brought that thick folder to my parents. I laid out my plan, the math of affording a post-grad degree, and the educational path that would likely change my life. Literally, a life-changing fork in the road.

My parents have always been supportive and encouraging when it came to education. They’re teachers and have multiple degrees and certificates between them; their children both decided to take a pause after undergrad, needing to work before the idea of more student loans would be agreeable. For one of them to be taking that next step, it was exciting – but also difficult. An online program for a master’s? They still had to physically go to the library for their thesis research, and their advanced degrees were far more affordable than my out-of-state choice. Any misgivings they may have had, however, were silenced in favor of my enthusiasm – they probably didn’t want to give me an excuse to change my mind.

I will be forever grateful for their support, for listening to me complain and vent about whatever class I’m in, and for already planning the trip to my graduation next year. As independent as I’ve felt in this venture, I could have never even considered it without my parents being in my corner.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Thanks for everything.


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