Finals Week · Grad School

A Fascinating Transition

My master’s program is super convenient as a part-time venture, requiring me to only take one, 8-week course at a time. It also helps that each class uses the same pattern for assignments: weekly discussions, mini-projects leading to a final paper, then a presentation. Predictable, reassuring.

Also, exhausting.

Tomorrow is the last day of my ethics course, only for social media to start fresh on Monday. Moving from one class to the next isn’t so bad, but this will be the fourth class I’ve had in a row – I haven’t had a break since last Christmas.

I won’t get another break until this Christmas.

It’s a lot of “hurry up and wait” to slough through these classes, and then I have to roll right into another without even a pause. This transition is especially daunting for me because ethics was the final required course with social media being my first elective. What if I chose wrong? What if I’m putting my education on a different path than I really need?

This is why I prefer others to make the decisions. I’m terrible at the whole “don’t panic, I’m sure it’s fine” phase of decision-making. I hope I didn’t screw everything up.

Fingers crossed!


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